A protean performer with “a voice of verve and sass” (NoiseBoston), Vlada "transforms before our very eyes… Vlada’s voice turns your head and entices, tempts and teases, grieves and confides in you” (Slava Gerovich).

The singer has many influences, easily moving between jazz, pop, and originals - in English - and world hits in French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and bossa nova (Portuguese), and she feels equally at home in these genres. Going from light and airy (in bossa) to powerful and dramatic (torch ballads), with an occasional hint of huskiness, her voice is a superb instrument.

Turning every song into a mini-play, she also shows great tastefulness in repertoire choices, reimagining well-known songs and finding less familiar gems to sparkle in. In 2017, Vlada completed her Russian album INNERMOST/СОКРОВЕННОЕ - check out some clips here.

Photographer: Irina Danilova