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Innermost/Сокровенное (2017)

Vlada's voice, with its impressive dramatic subtlety and power, carries you from sorrowful and anguished Russian ballads to the passionate and relentless striving of her more driven songs. Masterfully produced and recorded by Alexander Gerasimovich (studio Doubleur-II) and mastered at Peerless Mastering by Jeff Lipton, the album interweaves beautifully crafted lyrics with sophisticated acoustic instrumentation. Arrangements of the songs, created by Alexander Alabin, present a strong stylistic vision, amplified by the professionalism of each musician. Accented by brief but breathtaking appearances of the flute, cello, violin, and percussion, the "INNERMOST" album showcases an inherent integrity and diversity.

In "Innermost," Vlada digs deeply into her Russian heritage, bringing us some profound singer-songwriter tunes along with poems by Russia’s exceptional Silver Age poets set to music by several composers. Vlada’s spectacular interpretation and the genre- and period-appropriate arrangements connect us to different layers and moments of Russian culture. The album arises from the traditional singer-songwriter genre and culture, but, buoyed by the acting and musical mastery of the performance, the songs here rise to a rare height, where each word and sound is deliberate and ineluctable.

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