Boston-based world music band with grooves and charisma!

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A truly international band (hailing from 6 countries and 4 continents between them!), NMD has been a notable feature on the Boston scene for the last 6 years. They pass easily from French torch ballads to African rhythms and Middle Eastern harmonies, from dramatic Russian and Spanish songs, to light-hearted jazz and bossa nova. Their sound is characterized by great attention to lyrics; “playful, joyous,” danceable rhythms; beautiful guitar solos; and carefully crafted vocals and performance.

"NoMad Dreams' sound is transportive,” says Victoria Kichuk, "Vlada's vocals harkening to the Golden Age of Jazz, with Georges' delicate piano work setting the listener adrift to foreign lands spent in breezy cafés and moonlit plazas filled with painters and artists living off their passions."

NoMad Dreams have played for a large crowd on the Times Square (Best of France festival) and for a sick woman in her living room, for passers-by on the streets of Boston and New York, in churches and synagogues, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and parks, at weddings and birthdays. They will happily play for you, too!

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